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All Hallows Eve

Halloween has always been such a grand occasion. For one day, out of 365, we can be whatever we want to be, loosen up on some rules, enjoy a day of sugar, and “act a fool” if so inclined. But remember, there’s November 1, just ahead so don’t get too crazy!

At PCI, we really know how to do Halloween – another example of our “notthebigcompany” culture. From pumpkin bowling and Wheel of Misfortune to an extreme costume contest and spooktacular BBQ lunch buffet we are committed to our value of FUN – “work is an important part of life and it should be fun.” After all the hoopla tomorrow with prizes being awarded for best carved pumpkin, delicious devilish desserts and several ½ day off prizes being awarded in the Kandy Korn Toss – all of us will be in agreement that the kids have nothing on us!

CASH, COSTUMES, CAKE, and COLLECTIVE CRAZINESS – it is going to be one tricky treat of a day.
Watch for our Halloween Happening 2014 VIDEO and see if your party beat ours!

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