Diversity Is A Key Driver To Building A Great Culture

Four Keys To Building A Winning Organization

Business leaders often make sports analogies to reinforce their point of view. Eagles Head Coach, Doug Pederson, sees leadership as a mix of cultivating relationships and building a high-performance culture. These are the four aspects that coach Pederson reckons essential to creating a successful leadership model.

  1. Cultivate Relationships

Healthy relationships are based on transparency, honesty and openness. Just like a soccer team, your team is formed by people with different backgrounds, lifestyles, motivations and expectations. Put people first! Studies show that one-on-one coaching increases your team members’ performance and overall retention rates.

2. Focus on Communication

Listen to your peers. Encourage and empower them to come up with solutions and ideas. Organizations that prioritize feedback from associates outperform leadership-centric companies.

3. Provide Clarity

Keep it simple, stupid (KISS). Explain your team members the “why”. This way, everyone’s on the same page and understands the goal of certain decisions. Make sure to share your organization’s mission and emphasize how they are contributing to it. The more your associates feel engaged, the more driven they are and the better their results.

4. Culture Of Accountability

Creating a consistent culture is the sure way to sustainable success. Share accountability with your associates so that they feel they play a capital role in the organization’s achievements.

To coach Pederson, these four principles will generate a strong culture: 1. Create energy every day 2. Eliminate distractions 3. Fear nothing 4. Attack everything.

Focus on cultivating healthy relationships within your organization, defining a strong culture, having well-defined leadership principles and communicating in a clear manner. Read the entire article here to find out more about building a winning organization.

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