Servant First, Leader Second

Implementing Commander’s Intent

For a company to be successful, it is required that each of its departments perform at its best. It’s important for us at PCI to make sure that the pieces and the whole work successfully both on their own and together. For this to happen, having competent people in leadership positions is key.

Commander’s intent is simple in concept. It describes our purpose and what success looks like. Implementing commander’s intent is not always simple, though. It requires trust, communication and the belief that even if a plan goes off-course our team will be able to improve and make the right decisions. Being independent and able to take decisions in challenging moments is something all our managers are comfortable with.

Companies can implement this strategy by minimizing the number of dependencies required to move forth. Having the right people in the right places and making sure those people are empowered to make decisions and practice creativity. “By dependencies I’m referring more to steps and processes. I’m also speaking about myself. If I’m absent can the team react and adapt so the end result reflects our purpose and our vision of success” says Martin Schneider, PCI Associate.

Breakdowns along the way should not prevent the realization of the end goal, with or without someone manning the helm at all times. This means that each member of the team knows that their role in the success of the project is capital. They take responsibility and work together, even when the team leader is not there to draw the lines of action. That is what we call a great place to work; a company that runs efficiently and where everyone works together for the same goal.

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