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The Importance of Communication in the Workplace

“One cannot not communicate: Every behavior is a form of communication.” Paul Watzlawick

Whether you’re expressing it through speech, gestures or facial expressions, you are constantly communicating something to the world. Communication is vital in all aspects of life, whether it’s with your family, your friends, your church, but especially in the workplace.

Workplace communication increases job satisfaction and improves productivity. People feel empowered when they’re able to communicate with their manager and when there is communication from their manager they feel valued. Transparent communication, based on trust and mutual respect, is the foundation of an excellent professional relationship. Sometimes, in the workplace, open communication is the easiest way to move forward a project.

Good communication helps create an enjoyable work environment, which naturally produces effective customer service. Happy workers equal happy customers. When your associates are at ease with one another and appreciate the work environment that you are creating together, they are more prone to give their best at fulfilling customers needs.

The key to good communication is not just the content, but also the delivery. In other words, it’s not just what you say, but how you say it. Your body language sometimes speaks louder than your words. “You’ve got to remember, your nonverbal communication is just as important as your verbal communication,” Brian Boet, PCI Associate underlines. Being mindful and present during a dialogue is what will help you align your speech to your body posture, your facial expression and your gestures. As a result, chances of miscommunication decreases.

Whatever challenges you’re facing within your team, remember that communication is the way to move forward. So, as Brian says, “communicate, communicate, communicate!”

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