Diversity Is A Key Driver To Building A Great Culture

Contributing to the Community

Have you ever imagined a workplace where you also have the opportunity to contribute to the well-being of the members of your community? This is what we dreamt of and are now doing at PCI.

“What attracted me to PCI was the core value of service. We see each day as an opportunity to serve our clients and each other. When I was in high-school I went to an all-boys prep-school and in order to graduate we had to have 100 hours community service. So, I then became very familiar with the act of philanthropy and giving back and when I started looking around for places to work that was one of the things I was looking for, what do we do outside of the office,” Colin Stewart, PCI Associate says.

At PCI we have a very rich history and tradition of giving back to the community. In particular, one of my favorite projects is Hearts & Hammer where we partner with the city of Dallas and we help low-income and disabled individuals who no longer can keep up with their home. We will bring it up to city code for them. It’s a one-day project, we get about 50 volunteers out there. Colin speaks for all of us at PCI when he says he thinks those that give altruistically and without any expectation of return are going to be rewarded a thousand times over.

Create a company where your driving force is being in service of others. You can’t go wrong with this mentality. Our clients and partners appreciate not only the work we do for them, but also the values we nurture through our engagement at the community level. If you want to get something like community service or philanthropy at your work, just do it!

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