Diversity Is A Key Driver To Building A Great Culture

The Impact of Culture on Associate Retention

Have you ever worked for an organization where the company culture is so cohesive it makes you feel you’re a part of a strong, determined, high-achieving team? At PCI this is exactly what we’re focusing on.

I’d like to say at PCI we are a team, but that’s not strong enough. We’re a family. We work hard and we work together with trust, confidence in and for each other. We are very family oriented and we do our best to support each other in the best possible way. “I had some issues in my life. The whole team came together, taking care of me in my times of need and that’s very important to me,” Wade West, PCI associate says.

We build our work and relationships inside the company and with our clients on clearly defined principles. At PCI, we are all about creating tangible value for our clients and having an impact in the world. And not only for our customers. Our employees are our biggest asset. Having a coherent organizational culture makes our associates feel a part of something bigger. It motivates them to give their best and contribute to PCI’s success.

The lobby here tells what our values are, but it’s the reiteration of why we do this. “It’s not just come to work and get a check. This is bigger than that. This is why I go to work. It’s not to get a pay check or to code, cause that’s what I do. It’s to that next level out, to actually improve something and make it better,” Wade adds.

What about you? What aspects of a company culture are important to you? What is the secret ingredient that makes you want to perform at your best inside an organization?

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