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How To Create A Culture Of Gratitude

I recently read this article on Forbes: How to instill gratitude in the workplace. Gratitude increases productivity, job satisfaction, and improves physical and mental health. According to Karl, A culture of gratitude helps people realize how truly fortunate they are and instills a desire to pay that forward.” Here are some tips you can apply inside your company:

  1. Lead by example

As leader take time to notice the modest acts of your associates. Model for them a behaviour to follow and learn from.

  1. Be specific

Make it precise and personal when expressing gratitude.

  1. Do it daily

Make gratitude a daily habit. People notice when you are genuine and the company morale will improve.

  1. Look for humility

Recruit people who value teamwork, recognize their team members as an important part in their achievements and are able to thank them.

  1. Give back

Provide opportunities for associates to express their gratitude for the privileges they enjoy inside the company by paying it forward.

  1. Recognize the big and small

Encourage gratitude for the smaller action at the team level.

  1. Have the conversation

For things to improve, you have to start the conversation and acknowledge the company culture needs to shift.

  1. Provide avenues for gratitude

Create the channels for people to express their gratitude and give thanks.

  1. Don’t just recognize, but thank

Just recognizing someone’s contribution is not enough. Thank them!

  1. Take time to reflect

Slow down! Acknowledge where you are and the support you received in getting here.

Get all the details of creating a culture of gratitude in the workplace. Read the complete article here.

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