Diversity Is A Key Driver To Building A Great Culture

Drew Clancy on The Next Level Show – Building a Great Workplace Culture

Recently, PCI CEO Drew Clancy had an honor to be a guest on The Next Level Show. The show exists to support and honor the Entrepreneurial Community by acting as a catalyst for personal and professional growth within it.

Our goal is to facilitate fun and meaningful conversations where real learning and experience sharing positively impacts the listener and the sharer; ultimately equipping, encouraging, and empowering each other to take our businesses, families, and communities to the next level. – The Next Level Show

Drew’s talk focuses on the key drivers of workplace engagement – and how being a great place to work can be a powerful strategy to drive overall alumni engagement and support. In his presentation, he shares the key lessons he and his team at PCI have learned over the past 20-years to build a dynamic, unique, award-winning work environment that is called “notthebigcompany.”

Interview Link – http://nextlevelshow.com/drew-clancy/

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