Diversity Is A Key Driver To Building A Great Culture

Create an Environment of Acceptance

Imagine working in an environment where both acceptance and growth are important? This is exactly what we focus on at PCI. “At PCI we create this environment of acceptance, but never settling,” says Roland Nave, PCI Associate.

Right from the start, our commitment has been to demand and deliver excellence. How do we achieve this? By creating an environment where one seeks first to understand before proceeding with any axis. What is the challenge? What kind of resources do we need to deploy? Who’s the best person to oversee this process? From there, we find the path we want to pursue, not selling with our first solution or plan, but rather exploring all aspects and options to produce the best results. Understanding what works best not only for our clients, but also for our team members is highly important.

We faucet this type of thinking by the continual learning and growth encouraged by our leadership. Having managers who model a behaviour based on trust and continuous growth inspires us to also do our best. Each team member understands that working together while individually focusing on reaching our full potential, translates into amazing results.

People in leadership positions provide us with books for reading, share quotes and videos from business professionals and leaders. Opportunities for surpassing our expectations present themselves at every step. It’s up to us to take them. In fact, one of our seven client promises is: be proactive, learn, stretch, grow. This is a mantra that each team member lives and works by. When we come together as a team, we are more powerful because each of us has the same standards and is keen on creating a work environment based on acceptance, trust and performance.

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