Diversity Is A Key Driver To Building A Great Culture

Building a Great Place to Work is By Design Not Happenstance

So you think some companies just happen to have that perfect environment for their teams and clients to thrive? No, they create it.

As Kay Viney, PCI associate puts it “becoming a great place to work is by design, not by happenstance.” Building a great place to work is deliberate. It is every day doing the things we need to do to create a learning culture.

At PCI, we want our associates to get out of their comfort zone and maximize their potential. For example, we have book clubs that are open to the entire company. These are designed to help build leadership skills and really to create excitement for learning and growing with the company. Investing in your people is an excellent way of ensuring the success of your clients and your company, in the long run.

We also feel that recognition is very important. So, every single day we have a 10 minute huddle where we recognize associates for their commitment to our values and our promises. This plays such a big role since each and every one of us understand how important and what an impact our work has. And we love to celebrate successes! It can be something very simple, such as ice-cream for a great performance day or we put balloons up at people’s desk for going that extra mile for a client. We know the hard work it takes to be the best in your industry and we honor the great work we, individually and as a team, carry out.

It’s truly those personal touches that mean so much here at PCI. They’re deliberate, they’re sincere and it’s what makes this company a great place to work.

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