Diversity Is A Key Driver To Building A Great Culture

How Humble Leadership Really Works

As leader, your main role is to empower your associates and bring out the best in them. It often happens that in our quest for power, we lose track of what is important and start focusing solely on achievements. Being goal-oriented may translate into treating our associates like means to an end which triggers their fear. When people work from a place of fear, their willingness to experiment and drive for learning slowly wears out.

Make people your priority. Engage them, make them feel purposeful, motivated and energized so that they can show up at the workplace as their best version. How can you manage that? Take on the humble mindset of a servant leader. A servant leader understands how to benefit from the expertise of their team members.

Here are three key points in becoming a servant leaders:

1) Ask how you can help associates do their jobs better and mindfully listen

Instead of telling people how to better perform their jobs, ask them how you can help them do their jobs better. Offer your support and encourage them to try new approaches in improving their work.

2) Create low-risk spaces for associates to come up with new ideas

Ideation is an important process if you want to encourage innovation within your company. The best way to take your business to the next level? Provide your collaborators with a safe space where they can try out ideas and also share honest feedback about possible ways of improving their work flow.

3) Be humble

Leaders often do not see the true value of their charges, especially “lower-level” workers. Be humble, respect them and you will see incredible results. When leaders are humble, and ask how they can serve associates as they improve the organization, the outcomes can be outstanding.

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