Diversity Is A Key Driver To Building A Great Culture

Keys to Have a Successful Summer Internship Program

We are big believers in hiring summer interns at PCI. Interns bring tremendous energy and enthusiasm to PCI’s notthebigcompany culture.Drew Clancy, PCI’s president and CEO, said “Interns are energetic and willing to learn. They are helpful, offer a fresh perspective, and bring new ideas to the table.” In fact, we have hired a number of our interns for full-time positions! We can say it with confidence that hiring interns is a great way to identify dependable, productive associates, ones who fit your workplace culture perfectly.

At PCI, we are committed to making sure our interns feel valued and have a “WOW” experience.  Here are four keys we use to make this happen:

1. Keep your interns interested, not busy: encourage creativity and independent thinking. Look for opportunities to give your interns interesting and meaningful work.  When you do assign them menial tasks, be sure to provide the context so they understand “why” the assignment is important and “how” it is helping the company.

2. Coach them about teamwork. “Teamwork makes the dream work” is our mantra at PCI because we understand collaborating on projects as a team produces maximum results.

3. Help them network and build relationships. Be sure to include interns; encourage them to observe and participate in meetings and company events as well as the informal lunches and get-togethers.

4. Appreciate them. Offer feedback to help build their skill set and let them know their hard work is not going unnoticed.

At PCI, we know that interns act as brand ambassadors for our notthebigcompany culture once they leave. So we strive to make sure they have a rewarding experience, one that they’ll cherish for life.

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