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3 Things Leaders Should Do to Improve Every Interaction

As leader, your focus is on carrying out your most powerful work, right? It’s exhausting when small interruptions arise, keeping you from doing the “real work” isn’t it? Let’s shift this perspective! View these “interruptions” as opportunities to lead effectively, clarify strategy, reinforce trust, and build meaningful connections in each moment.

How can you do that? Here are the three steps described by Douglas Conant in his book, “TouchPoints: Creating Powerful Leadership Connections in the Smallest of Moments.”

  1. Listen Intently

Active listening is fundamental to successful leadership. A skillful communicator is fully present during an interaction and provides space for people to fully express themselves. Be curious! Briefly summarize to make sure you understood correctly what your interlocutor shared.

2. Frame the Issue

Now that you captured the essence of the issue, frame it in a clear way. Adapt your message to the other part’s expectations. Do they need more clarity, confidence or commitment? Provide whatever is of value to them so as to easily take the project to the next level.

3. Advance the Agenda

Action is the final step. What is needed for the project to move forward? Is it your role to help them take a decision or do you need to make the call?

Learn to reassure your collaborators. Empower them to make choices, even if they fear the outcome. This triad helps you take decisions and develop sustainable relationships with your associates.

How will this framework improve your leadership skills? Interested in finding out more? Read all about it here.

Source – Article by Douglas Conant.

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