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4 Steps to Managing Your Self-Talk

Observing and mastering self-talk are essential skills for leaders. Good management of your inner thoughts allows you to better respond to what happens within and around you.

Here’s what I learnt from an article defining the four steps to better manage your self-talk.

  • Recognize

 If you want to manage your self-talk, you have to “hear” it first. Unless you’re aware of this internal talk, it’s impossible to change it. What are the stories you tell yourself on a daily basis?

  • Record

Keeping track of your self-talk is key in managing it. This way you’ll also be able to see the mental patterns you have developed over the years.

  • Revise

Now that you have a better understanding of what is driving you in terms of self-talk, you have the opportunity to “rethink” it. If your self-talk is unsupportive, you’ll need to create alternative ways of talking to yourself. Turning negative talk into false positive isn’t the way though. You need to define a way of talking to yourself that you believe in. Instead of “I can’t do anything right” you’d tell yourself “I am willing to become better at this that I’m now not so good at.”

  • Repeat

Empowering self-talk needs to become a habit. This means that you’ll repeatedly switch from negative to useful self-talk each time you catch yourself in the act of putting yourself down.

Here’s a chance to practice: read the entire article and notice what thoughts come to mind!

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