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How to Choose Goals That Motivate and Inspire Your Team

Your ability to set clear goals dictates the success of your team. It also traces the direction of your team’s efforts. Create a shared vision that everyone resonates with. This will make it easier to work productively, investing time and resources in a pertinent way.

According to a recent article on conantleadership blog, “For leaders to succeed, they must have clear goals that guide the direction of their team, or even their entire organization’s efforts.” 

Sweet Spot Goals

Powerful leaders know how to choose an objective: outrageous enough to motivate people; realistic enough to be achieved.

Three Things to Consider When Choosing Goals

1. Thoroughly assess your current situation.

Be brutally honest: what is the state of your organization? How is your team performing? What are the resources that you’re wasting? Make a list of strengths and opportunities and include your team’s issues. Only now you can truly define your goals.

2. Focus on stakeholders.

Take time to interview them. Be curious about what motivates them. Place special attention on the factors that make them perform better. Finding answers to these questions will help you ensure work conditions for your team to thrive and have better accomplishments.

3. Be crystal clear.

Make sure that the expectations of the new direction are understood and agreed upon by everyone. Choose a goal that inspires and motivates your team. And now make it visible so that people can feel they are a part of making it a reality.

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