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Motivating People Starts with Having the Right Attitude

Do You Have the Right Attitude to Motivate People?

Monique Valcour’s recent article on Harvard Business Review caught my attention: Motivating People Starts with Having the Right Attitude. This article is about what it takes for leaders to develop the right attitude to motivate their teams. Finding motivation is not a big deal. Sustaining a certain level of motivation is.

What most leaders fail to understand is that their behaviour has a huge impact on their employees’ performance. You think offering your employees a competitive salary and a decent benefits package does the trick? Think again! Incentives are surely important, but people need to be acknowledged for their work, not only rewarded.

Managers, stop making this mistake!

No employee is born motivated. As manager you have a great opportunity to engage and nurture your team members’ determination. Surely, you need to start with your own thinking and patterns of behaviour. It will soon become easier for you to see your employees not only as workers, but as complex human beings.

Let go of your assumptions. Take into consideration your employees’ perspective. Understand why they are lacking motivation. Think about one boss you looked up to. What did they do to earn your admiration? How did they make you feel? Now imagine how you can use what worked for you to motivate your employees and help them perform at their best.

Have we stirred your interest about how to motivate your team? Read the whole article here.

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