Diversity Is A Key Driver To Building A Great Culture

Open Lines of Communication

How do you make visible the benefits of working in a great place? You create a great environment!

The byproduct of being a great place to work at first is to have an attitude to gratitude, great clients and great communication. Train your team to focus on what is working, while assessing possible ways of improvement. It will have a positive impact on their productivity. Don’t disregard the role of constructive communication. Make sure to create a space for everyone to speak their mind and think creatively. A team that knows how to think different ways of solving a challenge is a winning team.

At PCI, everyone is involved in communicating and getting things done. Not resting on our laurels, but working, sustaining and getting even better at what we do. And the way to do that is through open lines of communication,” Chuck Hamilton, PCI Associate, advises. You need to get it done and you need to do it in such a manner where you’re having fun along the way. It’s about addressing and committing yourself to what you said you were going to do and following through on it.

As a manager, you need to make it clear to your team members that active listening and open discussions are the best way to move forward. Provide channels of communication for your team members. Make them feel they can reach out to you both when they are struggling and when they have ripe ideas ready to be implemented.

Remember, people are you greatest asset. And people appreciate trust and communication. Create inside your organization a culture based on sharing ideas and creating powerful projects. There’s no way you won’t succeed with this recipe!

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