Diversity Is A Key Driver To Building A Great Culture

4 Ways to Create a Purpose-Driven Culture Your Employees Love

A recent article by Brian Scudamore on Inc. magazine made me think about the workplace culture and why finding real meaning at work beats just getting paid for employees now. I was surprised to learn that Half of millennials (that is 75 percent of the workforce by 2025) prioritize finding meaning at work over money. Employees who find purpose in their work are far more productive and engaged, which is great for business. Companies with engaged employees perform 200 percent better than those without.

Tips to Create a Purpose-Driven Culture

1. Define Your “Why”

Why is your company doing what it is doing? Clearly state your “why” and it will draw likeminded people to your business.

2. Celebrate Your Employees

Want to be a great manager? Empower your employees to reach their professional goals and also go after their personal dreams.

3. Invest in People

Make sure to invest in your team! 76 percent of employees find learning and development opportunities as a top driver of engagement.

4. Pay it Forward

Giving back and creating positive social impact will inspire your employees to also pay it forward.

Surely, a sense of purpose comes from within. The easiest way to cultivate a purpose driven workplace is to bring together a team of people who share the values and passions of your company.

Want to learn more on this subject? Read the complete article on Inc. right here.

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