Diversity Is A Key Driver To Building A Great Culture

Questions to Ask About Creating a Great Workplace

“The quality of your life comes down to the quality of the questions you ask yourself on a daily basis” – Tony Robbins

It’s a part of PCI’s mission to adequately assess how well the company fulfills its associates’ needs. Being able to create a workplace where people feel acknowledged is not simple at all. It’s easy, though, once you place your people at the core of your quest for greatness.

Toni Abram, PCI associate, emphasizes the importance of asking the pertinent questions so as to create a great workplace. Here’s what Toni proposes:

How’s your company’s leadership?

People feel motivated by a servant leader who focuses not only on achieving the business goals, but does it in a way that sparks people’s motivation.

Does the company have a good foundation?

Have a powerful vision and mission for your company. Share them in a clear way with your associates. This is what defines a strong foundation.

Does your company provide a comfortable working environment?

Take time to ask your team members how they feel about their working conditions. Be ready to listen and ask them what improvements they would suggest.

Does the company offer competitive pay?

Let’s be honest, the best companies are those who lead with passion and are also able to motivate their employees through competitive payrolls. Invest in your people since they are your company’s ambassadors.

Do they have great benefits?

Think of what would make an associate feel taken care of. Find solutions in terms of health insurance, retirement funds, and also opportunities to evolve within the company, such as team-buildings and trainings.

Do you believe in what you’re doing?

As leader, you are the driving force. Make your loyalty and belief in the company’s success visible. It will empower your team members to follow.

Does your company actually care?

Show people the company is ready to support not only them, but also the community. A big part of associates’ motivation comes from feeling they are contributing to something bigger.

Now, to you, what are your answers to Toni’s questions?

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