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Servant First, Leader Second

Recently, I came across this article on INC.com that really changed how I view Servant Leadership. Servant leadership became a buzzword, casually used by some who don’t practice what they preach. When was the last time you chose to be in service of your team?

Excellent team leaders step up and get the business done even in extreme conditions. Not afraid to share power, they empower their team members to take responsibility and not hesitate in rapidly taking action without requiring further instructions.

Here are four tips helping you become a better servant leader:

  1. Talk less. Listen more.

The better you get at active listening, the better you become at communicating in a meaningful way. A successful servant leader puts the needs of others first. Listen and provide guidance when appropriate.

2) Become more aware

Be more self-aware. As CEO, being able to acknowledge and improve your faults will be a great motivator for your team. Also, be aware of the circumstances and the reality of your industry and share it with your team. Information is power. It is what keeps you ahead of the game.

3) Start conceptualizing

Focus on the big picture. What are your short-term and long-term goals? Delegate so that you can fully invest yourself in making those objectives a reality.

4) Be a steward to your team

Invest in your team. Allocate budget and support them to keep on learning. This will not only provide greater value to your company, it will also increase employee retention.

Want to go deeper into the subject of servant leadership? Read the full article here.

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