Diversity Is A Key Driver To Building A Great Culture

There’s no Singular Formula for Designing a Great Place to Work

Like everything valuable in life, creating an amazing work environment takes passion, willingness and commitment. There’s no definitive rules, there’s no special lists that you do everything on it and then all of a sudden you become a great place to work. It’s really a mindset.

At PCI, we’re defined by a learning culture and we have a desire to give our associates the ability to use their strengths, to try new things and grow in a safe and encouraging environment. Our people are our greatest asset and we consistently invest in our becoming the best version of ourselves.

We believe in people and their capacity for greatness. We have several sales associates who have determined that they really have more passion and are better suited for other positions. And we’ve been able to move them into roles such as client experience, editing, graphic design and business development positions where they’re now flourishing because they truly are doing what they love and what they’re passionate about.

“There’s no single formula for designing a great place to work. Making associates and our clients feel special, giving them that “not-the-big-company” treatment, that feeling that you are home, that’s how we design a great place to work,” Kay Viney, PCI associate says.

We place a special focus on investing in people. There has been much research showing that the more people are in a creative flow, the more efficient and productive they are. This strengthens the work ties between our team members which results in much better client management.

We’d love to hear from you. What do you think is the special ingredient in creating a great place to work?

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