Diversity Is A Key Driver To Building A Great Culture

The Name of the Game

As stated, notthebigcompany is a mindset that fuels all of our relationships, both inside and outside of Publishing Concepts. Since we only select those candidates who have a passion for doing their best each and every day, we are able to work well together while also being true to ourselves.

Our purpose at PCI is to strengthen the ability of our nation’s colleges and universities to inspire dreams and transform lives.  This is the foundation from which all of our actions stem.  The environment at PCI is filled with some very intangible but concrete beliefs for how to live life – both professionally  andpersonally:

  • love what you do
  • knowledge is power
  • own it
  • create lasting relationships
  • lead by example
  • do it now
  • my favorite, Colin Powell’s:  optimism is a force-multiplier

Notthebigcompany associates are committed to encouraging and helping each other achieve excellence in order to do “whatever it takes to make the client happy.”  With our purpose, seven values and seven promises we create relationships that make a difference, both with clients and other associates.  Throughout life we are constantly faced with challenges and choices.  Having our inner beings fiercely committed to a strong platform of beliefs, and keeping our heads in the right game enables successful navigation of choice and challenge.

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