Diversity Is A Key Driver To Building A Great Culture

Hire People Who Fit the Culture Not Just the Role

Peter Schutz, the former CEO of Porsche once stated in a well-articulated way “Hire for character, train for skills.”

This is what we also stand for here at PCI. As our Associate, Judy Griffin says, “hire people who fit the culture, not just the role.” Employing the right fit for a position is highly important. Surely, we are looking for someone with the right skill-set, knowledge level, and work ethic. To PCI, it is equally important that the people we’re inviting to join our team share our values and notthebigcompany culture.

Can this person be serious when it’s time to work on a tough project? Can they be fun when it’s time to enjoy their work and the interactions with their team members? These questions help us refine who is an ideal candidate.

At PCI, we make it our goal to be transparent about what we’re looking for, from the job posting to the interview. This way, we sign on and retain those who are aligned with our culture and who choose to successfully develop their skills inside our company.

We appreciate people who are team players and play well with others. It is vital for our employees to possess those soft skills that are so important in working well with their colleagues and clients. Our goal is to attract and invest in people who have the right attitude and a servant leadership mentality, who are compassionate and willing to look at all sides of a situation.

Delivering excellent products and services for our clients while nurturing professional relationships with them is one of our priorities. That’s why, we hire people who care about doing a great job for the company and who also care about working together with us as a team.

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