At PCI, our goal is to build a great and lasting organization.  We want to create a company where people can come to work and work on realizing their potential.  To achieve these objectives, over the years we have proactively and consciously created a unique company culture that we refer to as “notthebigcompany.”

The “notthebigcompany” culture is rooted in the following PCI’s People Values:

  • We believe people have potential.
  • We believe that people have the capacity for greatness.
  • We provide the opportunities, challenges, tools, respect, and encouragement to allow our associates to realize their potential and achieve great things.
  • We seek to hire people who have a passion for life – people who have a positive mental attitude (“Optimism is a force multiplier”), who are crazy about learning, who have a sense of humor about themselves, who take ownership for themselves and their environment and who trust that persistence and a strong work ethic are the keys to success.

We are dedicated to developing leaders and leadership throughout our company, because we believe in our associates and know that each and every associate matters.  For more information about Publishing Concepts, please visit