Diversity Is A Key Driver To Building A Great Culture

How to Increase Client Satisfaction and Retention

The customer is king. You might have heard this saying. Well, here at PCI, this is what we stand for. We focus on creating a space where we can best serve our clients. How do manage to excel at that? First, we invest in our team members. When associates feel good about their work, it comes through in everything they do while serving clients.

It is proven that team engagement increases clients satisfaction and client retention. “At PCI we have a cohesive team culture. We are trusted to perform to the best of our ability. We have respect for one another, giving credit where credit’s due and we support one another. Plus we have fun while doing it. And it’s really cool when we can hand over a cheque to one of our clients, such as a college or university, for membership and donations that we’ve collected and in turn they can use it to fund scholarships and student programs,” says Rellen Hayes, PCI Associate. At PCI we’re all about creating win-win situations and providing impeccable services for our clients.

At PCI, our leadership listens to what we want to do and then makes a commitment to help us do it. So, there’s always a feeling of ownership and commitment. It’s very important that our associates feel that their suggestions are taken into consideration. It makes us all feel we’re all contributing to the same goal: creating value for our clients while consolidating our business.

Clients spot very easily how much we enjoy collaborating with them. PCI aims to always build relationships based on trust and respect. Sharing our vision and values with our customers makes us all feel we’re really working towards a common goal.

What about you? What’s the most important aspect of client satisfaction?

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