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Discover the benefits of being good to yourself!

Camp Samurai: Discover the benefits of being good to yourself!  “Change:  Like the samurai warrior, our motto is ‘Act Fearlessly.'”  This is one of our “notthebigcompany” values put into action every day as PCI associates get, and stay, healthy.  Change, even good change, takes discipline and persistence.

PCI associates are using and loving their new, free fitness center located on-site.

Whether you’re into:

– bodybuilding
– power lifting
– strength training
– cardio
– or just getting started,

As a PCI associate you can achieve your goals with the free treadmills, weight machines, free weights and bikes.  Also, personal yoga instruction is coming soon.


After a brisk workout, associates can shower and dress for work in the Fitness Center’s private locker rooms.

On Fresh Fruit Monday’s, we go bananas over free baskets of apples, oranges, pears, strawberries and grapes.

Getting healthy and then living healthy can make the difference between truly enjoying life – and not.  Keep this “living healthy” promise to yourself and remember that health and happiness do go hand in hand.  Get healthy, get happy!

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