Diversity Is A Key Driver To Building A Great Culture

Empowered Associates and Workplace Culture

Empowerment begins with knowing that you matter. A business environment can get hectic. And when it does, as leaders we need to focus on what is most important: our people. A professional culture based on powerful values makes it easy for each team member to feel they are contributing to something bigger than their individual tasks.

At PCI our culture really captures the true meaning of the servant leadership. The servant leader leads with others in mind. A true leader understands that the company’s success is directly linked to the achievement of each associate. “We have an annual skip-level lunch that is conducted with the CEO of the company, vice-president and the sales team. In this meeting we discuss what is working well for the sales process and what are some things we can improve. As a result of these meetings a lot of positive changes have taken place on and off the sales floor,” says Ebonie Brown, PCI Associate.

People who feel empowered will easily develop their business acumen. They learn to take responsibility for their actions and are prone to hold themselves accountable for their own success. They micromanage their tasks without much need for support from your side. And when they have pertinent improvement ideas, they will not hesitate to share them within the team. They know their worth and realize how their work serves the overall company objectives.

Do you want your associates to feel empowered? Bring them together. Provide the resources for them to jointly work towards a higher goal. Let them be a part of your business success. This mentality is what cultivates trust here at PCI. It makes us all feel empowered as we understand we are all leaders.

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