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If You Aspire to Be a Great Leader, Be Present

I recently read this article emphasizing how mindfulness is key to successful leadership. You know that little voice that pops up into our head, distracting us from a conversation or just filling up the silence with chatter? As leaders, reducing that inner voice actually helps us be more present for our collaborators.

A Bain & Company research found that among 33 leadership traits, including creating compelling objectives, expressing ideas clearly, and being receptive to input, being mindfully present is the most fundamental of all. The more present a leader is, the better its team performs.

Do Less, Be More

Many times, as leaders the best thing we can do is actively listen. People oftentimes come to us with questions because they need to share, not because they need a solution.

Embody Your Presence

Before presentations and team meetings, take time to stop and ground yourself. After a 5 minutes mindfulness practice, grounding, deep breathing, your posture changes. This bodily shift catalyses qualities like confidence and also intensifies our awareness, focus and compassion. The way we hold our bodies and breathe impacts the chemistry of our brains.

Curious to find out more about introducing mindfulness to become a better leader? Read the entire article here.

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