Diversity Is A Key Driver To Building A Great Culture

What Do Great Leaders Have in Common?

I recently read an article on common traits great leaders share written by Douglas R. Conant. They have the capacity to be both people-focused and performance-oriented. Here are seven tactics that best leaders use.

1. Prioritize building trust

Great leaders understand that earning people’s trust equals unlocking their higher potential. In a high-trust environment, teams often exceed expectations.

2. Higher purpose

Nowadays, associates are no longer motivated by a paycheck. Great leaders create cohesion around an inspiring purpose that everyone resonates with.

3. Create a compelling vision for higher performance

Most successful leaders know that people are motivated by a clear and comprehensible vision. The key to excellence is communicating this direction in a smart way, placing emphasis on collaboration.

4. Resourcefulness

A clear vision is useless, unless proper resources are employed. Competent leaders capitalize on assigning the right tasks to the right people.

5. Keep people engaged

People are your best asset. Create an environment where they feel appreciated and where they can flourish.

6. Constantly execute

Done is better than perfect. Great leaders know strong execution is mandatory.

7. Produce extraordinary results

It’s not about getting things done. For successful leaders, it’s about constantly delivering at a high-quality level. Want to know more on this subject? Read the full article here.

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