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Why You Need a Health and Wellness Program at Your Company

Life and work balance is a priority for many of us. In theory, each of us should find the middle way between our career and personal life, while taking care of our health. But is that how things really go?

Here at PCI, for our health and wellness program, we created a series of award-based challenges. It makes you feel that you’re with a company that values you. We want our associates to develop not only on the professional level, but also to flourish as individuals.

Want to implement such a program in your company? Our very own PCI associate John Wiley has three tips on how to start.

1. Just Do It!

Just get it started! Don’t wait. Don’t over-think it. Don’t try to be perfect. Design the program with your team in mind. They will probably highly appreciate that you want them to lead happy and healthy lives.

Remember: done is better than perfect.

2. Involve Everyone!

This is a team’s job. Involve everybody! Ask them for ideas. Don’t be afraid to delegate. Empower people to take initiative and design the program that would be helpful for them. People love to be of service. They also love to create value. Support them in working on this health and wellness program together.

3. Make It Fun & Easy!

“Don’t try to make the challenges too difficult or the program too hard to accomplish. Keep it as simple as possible,” John suggests. Bear in mind this program is meant for all associates. So, set different levels of mastery. Find playful ways to approach health and wellness in an innovative way! In the end, design a program you would enjoy being part of.

Now back to you. What is your take? What would make a health and wellness program successful?

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