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25 Specific, High-Impact Practices for Leaders

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way,” as John C. Maxwell put it.

To be a peak-performer, deliver optimal results for your stakeholders and empower your team, develop your own leadership model; one that is based on your purpose, core beliefs, personal story and unique know-how.

To design a unique leadership model, you need to dig deep. Reflect on what is your inherent life and business philosophy. Condense it into a tangible system. And practice it. In leadership, practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes permanent.

Ready to design your leadership model? Here are some of the best practices we’ve compiled for you:

  1. Be thankful and praise your associates.
  2. Listen better. Interrupt less. Focus on the interaction.
  3. For people to get more committed, involve them more. Recognize and celebrate their achievements.
  4. Invite 3 key influencers in your team for walk-and-talks.
  5. Encourage collaboration and ask your entire team to brainstorm on possible solutions for specific challenges.
  6. Be present in conversations. Be the first to turn off your phone and take pen-and-paper notes during meetings. Model this behavior for your team members.
  7. Connect with people outside of the office, too. Give yourselves a chance to see each other in an informal context.
  8. To strive for excellence, provide real-time feedback. Ensure timely course correcting and learning.

Got you interested? Read all the 25 practices here and share with us your top ten high-impact practices.

Source: Conant Leadership Blog

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