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Leadership Resolutions for 2018

According to the Conantleadership blog, continuous improvement is at the heart of leadership that works and at the center of a fulfilling life. As 2018 is approaching, it is time to set leadership resolutions. Here’s a list of easy-to-implement steps to improve your leadership skills and have your most productive year yet.

Be a helper

Your collaborators have as much on their hands as you do. Ask them “how can I help?” This simple question lets them know you are there for them, willing to support them in getting the best results.

Ask for help

As a leader, you feel the success of the project is your responsibility and might be reticent towards asking for any help. In 2018, remember that getting the job done in an efficient way is more important than doing it all by yourself.

Turn choices into habits

Your repeated choices become your habits. Better your efforts. Implement effective routines into your day-to-day activities.

Hold productive meetings

Meetings are essential to everyone having a clear vision on their role inside the company. As leader, set clear guidelines to ensure meetings are productive and time-efficient.

Cultivate high-performing teams

Learn to bring together high-achieving teams by instilling trust and motivating them to work together towards a common goal.

Act with courage

Model through your behaviour what you expect your associates to do. Engage with courage in challenges. The leader sets the tone for the overall efforts.

Lead with abundance

Masterful leaders simultaneously focus on both people and performance. Their abundance mentality allows them to lead in a brave and authentic way.

Choose the right goals

Set goals with the result in mind. By having a clear vision, you’ll efficiently direct your team’s efforts.

Give thanks

Appreciation is a great motivator. In 2018 give thanks to your team members and be appreciative of what you are achieving.

Get the full picture on 2018 leadership resolutions in this article on Conantleadership Blog.

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