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Latest Research: Associate Engagement Key Driver of Client Delight

Do you know what motivates your team? I recently read an amazing HBR article on this subject:What Really Influences Employee Motivation. Seems like how well people work is a direct result of why they work. In other words, motivated associates tend to produce happier customers.

Surely, it all boils down to the company culture. In their new research, Lindsay McGregor and Neel Doshi measure associate motivation on a scale from -100 to 100 and assess different factors impacting the score. As an example, poorly designed roles can decrease motivation by as much as 40 points while excellent role design can increase motivation by almost 50.


Motivation Goes Beyond Remuneration

Other factors that play a fundamental role in motivation are job satisfaction and having a sense of purpose. Seems like more quantitative factors such as compensation and performance reviews, although traditionally though of as big sources of motivation, actually turned out to be less important.

How Does this Translate into Tangible Results?

MacGregor and Doshi made a parallel between customer engagement scores and customer satisfaction ratings. Businesses with strong company culture are more likely to have more satisfied customers. The airline industry is the best example, though the same results apply to other industries. The airlines with the highest total motivation scores also received the highest customer satisfaction ratings.

So, if you want to win at the game of motivation, create an inspirational company culture. Your people are the best brand ambassador you’ll ever have.

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