Diversity Is A Key Driver To Building A Great Culture

Nurturing Your Team Members

“Management is about arranging and telling. Leadership is about nurturing and enhancing.” Tom Peters

At PCI, we view our associates as our biggest asset, you see. Fostering successful relationships within our team is what lies at the core of our leadership model. Time and experience taught us to always invest in promoting a company culture based on transparent communication, integrity and acknowledgement of our associates.

Nurturing, by definition, is the process of caring for and developing the growth of someone. “And in this case that someone can be you. With PCI the focus is on you as a person and that’s what I love about PCI,” Sharon Rowe, PCI associate, says.

We want to know who you are, what your dreams are, what inspires you, where you want to go from here, what you expect from this company, what makes you get up every day and strive to shoot for those goals that you have in your life. Getting to discover a person in their complexity makes it easier for each and every one of us to bring our contribution and create a beneficial work environment.

“When you come to this company and you have a goal that you want to achieve, we’re going to make sure that we strive with you to achieve those goals. PCI is more than a job, more than a career. It’s an experience of a lifetime,” Mrs. Rowe concludes.

This is the winning mentality, the way of thinking that ignites our business success and drives our associates’ personal development. What about you, how do you nurture your team?

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