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PCI Samurais Havin’ a Ball

The Summer of 2014 served as a new beginning in many ways for PCI. Not only did we hire and welcome new associates, we also formed a softball team called “PCI Samurai.”
The name of the team is embedded in two of the seven driving values of PCI: The Change value (“Like the samurai warrior, our motto is ‘Act Fearlessly’”) and the Fun value (“Work is an important part of life and it should be fun!”).

Jeff McDonald, one of our Inside Sales Manager, started the team.

Meet Jeff McDonald, an Inside Sales Manager and the Coach of the PCI Samurai Softball Team.

Jeff McDonald, Inside Sales Manager and Coach of the PCI Samurai Softball Team. (PCI/Yusra Jabeen)

“I thought it would be a great way to bring people from different departments together,” McDonald said. “People who play on the team are a lot closer now then they were before.”

But the benefits of having a sports team do not stop there.

“It is a great exercise, both mental and physical. And it is also great for team building. We bond with each other, have fun and grow stronger as the PCI family,” McDonald said.

PCI Samurai is a registered member of the Dallas Softball Managers Association. The last game of the Summer season is scheduled for Aug. 11, 2014. The talks about playing in the 2014 fall season are underway.

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