Diversity Is A Key Driver To Building A Great Culture

Pilars of a Great Workplace

What makes a great workplace? Beth Dembitz, PCI associate, sums it all up to shared values, transparent communication and positivity.

Sharing Core Values

“When I think about my work family and what makes that family unit work, it’s the same core values that make my home family work. Successful teams come from an environment where its members are not afraid to speak their truth. It’s only when we are really honest with ourselves and with others that we see the way to accomplish our goals. It’s not about my way or your way, but what is the best way,” Dembitz says.

At PCI, we focus on emphasizing what our values are right from the start. This way, we are sure everyone is on the same page and we are all eager to contribute and keep those values alive.

Improving Communication

We have to talk and make sure we’re all on the same page at any given time. Communication is really vital not only to ensure that we are setting and meeting good expectations, but also because it’s the first step in any process, in any improvement and in any innovation. There can’t be progress without communication. Transparent communication is one of the most important aspects to invest in and here at PCI this is exactly what we’re doing.

Creating Positivity

Every day is not going to be rosy. Challenges can arise and we need to have a good system in place to manage them. So, it’s important that we surround ourselves with people who bring us up and look on the bright side. One of our values is fun. Work is an important part of life and it should be fun.

And you, what do you think makes a great workplace?

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