Diversity Is A Key Driver To Building A Great Culture

It’s About The Whole Person

As individuals, we enjoy being seen for who we are in our unicity. Also, we tend to perform better when we feel we are appreciated not only for what we do as professionals, but also for who we are as people.

At PCI, we celebrate both your personal and professional dimensions. “It’s about the whole person,” as Margaret Cogdill, PCI Associate, puts it. What does it mean “to be about the whole person”? It means focusing on emotional and intellectual intelligence. Focusing on those two things really helps you to build who you are.

“When I go home, my work follows me. When I come into work, my personal life follows me, because you just can’t really separate the two, Margaret clarifies. It’s really important to have supervisors and team members to really understand and embrace that and really have the time to sit down and focus on each person. It really helps build them up, make them feel important, understood and really cared about.

So, how do you really start focusing on the whole associate, on the whole person? A really great way, which can be a little bulky sometimes, but it’s really effective, is having a book club. With a book club, you really get to bond with people that you may not normally be able to bond with.

“It helped me focus on how I can better myself as a professional for my clients, for my team members. Those few weeks focusing on a book with people in my department, really helps all of us to put an emphasis on something we really work on every single day, to drive for excellence,” says Margaret.

Want to create a great workplace? Build a company where your team members can express both their emotional and intellectual aspects of their personalities.

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