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Change How You View Work to Find Meaning in It

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction,” John F. Kennedy.

Do you ever wonder why is it that some rich and successful people feel unaccomplished while people working in extremely difficult conditions on minimum wage have a sense of fulfillment? It all boils down to purpose. Follow these four pieces of advice I recently read about, to create a sense of purpose in your work. The original article was written by John Coleman for Harvard Business Review. 

Connect work with service

We each serve someone in what we do. To carry your day-to-day tasks more purposefully, create that link between your work and the way it impacts those you’re in service of.

Make work a craft

What skills do you use to complete your work? Perfect those skills to better serve people. Reinterpret your core skills to transform daily tasks into more meaningful work.

Invest in positive relationships

Relationships have a capital impact on our happiness and fulfillment, psychology studies show. Focus on improving relationships at work by investing in serving your colleagues. This small action can actually infuse more meaning to your work.

Lead with your why

In challenging moments at work remind yourself of why you chose this career. Your work is an act of service for those you care about in your personal life. Keeping in mind that you’re able to support your family thanks to your work helps you tie a greater sense of purpose into your work.

Want to find out more about endowing your work with purpose? Read this article here.

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