Diversity Is A Key Driver To Building A Great Culture

The Benefits of Working For a Great Company

These last years, the talk about work life balance has been something we often hear about. Improving your life quality is not only about creating a healthy balance between work and personal time, though. It also means working for a company that you feel proud of, that inspires you and going to work knowing that you’re contributing to a greater purpose.

As Philip Davis, PCI Associate, says, there are perks to working in a great place. First of all, you have bragging rights. How many of us want to be a part of something so great and so big, something so rewarding? Being a part of an organization that is the best at something gives you a lot of pride in yourself. You’ll be able to work harder, work smarter, work faster because you’re part of something so good.

Secondly, it creates a healthy competition. In Philip’s words “In order to be a part of the best, you have to be the best. So, there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly nudge from your friend or your cubicle mate, saying “hey, I’ve got two calls, hey I’ve got three calls, what do you have?” And you know what? That attitude creates an atmosphere of fun, an atmosphere of motivation, it creates an atmosphere of “I can do more””.

Lastly, your associates are your best PR people. When they know they are a part of something that gives them a sense of fulfillment, they will make sure to communicate that. Your partners, clients, shareholders will get the feeling they are collaborating with people who are passionate and believe in what they are doing.

When people feel empowered, they will engage all their resources to contribute in a bigger way, in a more tangible way.


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